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Euroports Group and Port of Hanko Join Forces to Establish a Unique Wind Hub

Euroports Group and Port of Hanko Ltd have announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to establish a Unique Wind Hub at the Port of Hanko port area in Koverhar. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in renewable energy infrastructure development, positioning the Harbour, located in the southernmost part of Finland, as a pivotal point in the offshore wind supply chain.

Covering an extensive area of 600 hectares, with 90 hectares earmarked for port activities, Koverhar Harbour is uniquely poised to facilitate large-scale wind turbine projects. The partnership between Euroports and the Port of Hanko signifies a substantial investment in sustainable energy infrastructure, positioning Koverhar as a key network hub within the Baltic Sea region.

The initiative extends beyond addressing logistical challenges, aiming to cultivate a comprehensive Green ecosystem within its expansive back-land area. This includes ongoing discussions with a prominent steel manufacturer and an H2 producer, emphasizing a holistic approach to sustainability and innovation.

Drawing on Euroports’ extensive experience as a terminal operator, coupled with a proven track record in handling wind components, the collaboration enables the seamless management of the entire value chain, encompassing freight forwarding through its subsidiary, Manuport Logistics.

Petteri Sammalisto, Commercial Director of Euroports Finland, emphasizes the significance of the LOI, stating, “The Letter of Intent with the Port of Hanko enables us to expand our business in renewable energy. By establishing a Unique Wind Hub here, we’re not only meeting the immediate needs of the wind energy sector but also fostering a sustainable ecosystem that will benefit the Baltic region and beyond.”

Anders Ahlvik, CEO of Port of Hanko, underscores the commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship, stating, “A partnership of this magnitude with Euroports underscores our dedication to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. Port of Hanko, especially Koverhar, is an ideal harbor for the assembly and storage of wind turbine components.”

As the ambitious project progresses, both Euroports and the Port of Hanko emphasize transparency and engagement with all stakeholders involved. The LOI signifies not only a commitment to a greener future but also a practical step towards its realization, leveraging Koverhar Harbour’s strategic location and extensive infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of the renewable energy sector.

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