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FarCargo Welcomes Boeing 757-200: Enhancing Air Cargo Operations

FarCargo, the maritime and logistics powerhouse, proudly announced the arrival of its newly acquired Boeing 757-200 aircraft in Copenhagen, marking a significant milestone in its strategic expansion plan.

A New Chapter: Boeing 757-200

The recently procured Boeing 757-200, originally in service with American Airlines since 2001, has undergone a transformation for cargo operations. With a capacity of up to 35 tons or 230 cubic meters, the aircraft is a versatile addition to FarCargo’s fleet. Notably, the cargo hull has been customized to accommodate refrigerated cargo, enhancing its capability for diverse shipping needs.

Seamless Registration Transition

FarCargo has initiated the process to transfer the aircraft’s registration from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). In collaboration with the Swedish airline West Atlantic, the aircraft will be operated under its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) until FarCargo secures its own.

Maiden European Flight Operation

To ensure a smooth transition, the initial flight operations will be confined to Europe. This phase allows the flight crews and technical personnel to acclimate to the new aircraft while obtaining essential certificates and permits. Subsequently, the Boeing 757-200 will commence cargo operations connecting the Faroe Islands, Iceland, the United States, and Denmark.

Strategic Partnerships for Efficient Cargo Delivery

FarCargo has solidified agreements with Nordic GSA to facilitate cargo space distribution. Local freight forwarders will handle cargo bookings, streamlining the process from Newark to Billund and onward to the Faroe Islands. This collaboration opens avenues for FarCargo to provide cargo services to European and Faroese customers, creating opportunities for the import and export markets.

Sustainable Aviation: FarCargo’s Commitment

In a commitment to environmental responsibility, FarCargo has pledged to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in its operations. By actively participating in the development of SAF, FarCargo aims to mitigate the ecological footprint of the aviation industry, aligning with evolving market conditions and technological advancements.

Dedicated Crew and Market Expansion

FarCargo boasts a seasoned crew of eight members, all certified to operate the Boeing 757. As the operation gains momentum, plans are underway to recruit additional crew members. This strategic move aligns with FarCargo’s vision to expand market access and improve logistics efficiency.

Nurturing Market Access for Superior Salmon

As an integral part of the Bakkafrost Group, FarCargo’s mission is to enhance market access for Superior Salmon. The aircraft’s deployment enables efficient transportation to distant markets, addressing critical factors like food waste in perishable goods. The Faroe Islands’ remote location emphasizes the pivotal role of FarCargo in maintaining a competitive advantage and delivering top-quality fresh seafood.

The arrival of the Boeing 757-200 signifies FarCargo’s commitment to elevating its air cargo capabilities, fostering sustainability, and contributing to the growth of the Faroese export market.

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