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Germany’s Offshore Wind Energy Expansion Faces Port Capacity Challenge

The Federal Association of Offshore Wind Energy (BWO) in Germany has issued a cautionary note, highlighting the inadequacy of the country’s port capacity to meet current expansion targets in the offshore wind energy sector. Collaborating with the Central Association of German Seaport Companies (ZDS), they are urging increased cooperation with the federal government to swiftly address and finance the required port expansion.

Stefan Thimm, Managing Director of BWO, expressed approval for the government’s commitment to introducing a transformation component for utilizing revenue from offshore wind auctions. Thimm emphasized the need for these funds to be directed towards the expansion of ports and their hinterland connections. He stated, “This should support the expansion of offshore wind energy, ensuring a secure and cost-effective electricity supply from offshore wind energy for the entire country.”

Angela Titzrath, President of the Central Association of German Seaport Companies, underscored the crucial role of German seaports in achieving the planned expansion goals for offshore wind energy. Titzrath emphasized the urgency of establishing heavy-duty areas in the seaports to accommodate the anticipated increase in wind energy output at sea. She asserted, “The federal government has a financial responsibility to contribute to the success of the energy transition. Using the proceeds from offshore licenses for wind farms at sea would be a logical and non-burdensome approach, aligning with the expansion goals.”

The port infrastructure not only plays a pivotal role in supporting offshore wind base ports but is also vital for ports involved in the decommissioning of old wind turbines. Thimm highlighted the broader benefits, stating, “Ports that will be used for the dismantling of old wind turbines can also benefit from the establishment of numerous companies from the supply chain.”

Titzrath concluded by urging swift political decisions, emphasizing that further delays in necessary actions would jeopardize the ambitious expansion goals. She stated, “With a view to the expansion goals, we cannot afford to postpone the necessary political decisions any further.”

The call for cooperation between industry stakeholders and the federal government reflects the urgency of addressing the infrastructure challenges to ensure a seamless and effective expansion of Germany’s offshore wind energy capacity.

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