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Innovative Short-Sea Shipping Solutions Unveiled by Bergen Engines

Bergen Engines has secured a significant contract with Huanghai Shipyard in China to supply the engine scope for four new short-sea Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPVs), each boasting a deadweight tonnage (dwt) of 7000. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the partnership between Bergen Engines, Skarv Shipping, and LMG Marin, all hailing from Bergen, Norway.

Skarv Shipping, a fresh joint venture between Peak Group and Grieg Edge, will own these cutting-edge vessels. Designed by LMG Marin, these ships are set to revolutionize sustainable maritime transport, combining the expertise and innovative spirit of the Bergen maritime community.

Bergen Engines will provide four Bergen C25:33L6A generator sets, known for their reliability and superior performance. The modular design of these engines simplifies maintenance, making them cost-effective. They also feature variable valve timing, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance even during part-load operations while keeping emissions low. Moreover, the generator sets come equipped with variable speed technology, which optimizes fuel consumption, crucial for reducing both operational costs and emissions.

One of the standout elements of this contract is Bergen Engines’ commitment to future-proofing their technology. Over the next five years, they plan to convert these engines from diesel to ammonia operation, contingent on the owner’s decision. This ambitious initiative highlights Bergen Engines’ dedication to achieving net carbon zero and reinforces their position as a leader in the shift toward future fuels.

The vessels themselves are designed with innovative features such as open-top options for high vertical cargo, wide deck widths, heavy-duty hatches, intermediate decks, forward accommodation for better visibility, and increased deck space to protect cargo. These features make the ships ideal for transporting medium-sized modules and components for the renewable energy sector, including wind turbines.

Jan Øivind Svardal, CEO of Skarv Shipping, expressed his excitement: “These ships are far more climate-friendly than those currently in the coastal market in Europe, with very low fuel consumption. They represent a significant step toward a sustainable future for shipping.”

Jan-Petter Slethaug, Chair of Skarv and CEO of Peak Group, added: “You will be able to transport your cargo with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions while achieving remarkable efficiency in cargo handling and costs.”

Bergen Engines’ Sr. Sales Manager, Asle Lohne, praised the collaborative effort: “We greatly appreciate the excellent discussions we’ve had with both LMG Marin and Skarv. Their proactive and engaged approach has been instrumental in optimizing and finding the best solutions for this project.”

The contract includes the construction of four MPVs with an option for two more. The first ship is scheduled for delivery in Q3 2025, with subsequent vessels following at four-month intervals. These ships are not only designed to support the renewable energy industry but are also highly versatile for various short-sea project transports.

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