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JERA Global Markets and The Rhenus Group Complete Sale & Purchase of Rietlanden Terminals

JERA Global Markets Pte. Ltd. (“JERA Global Markets”) and the Rhenus Group (“Rhenus”) have successfully completed the sale and purchase of Rietlanden Terminals B.V. (“Rietlanden”). This transaction follows an intense competitive bidding process and marks a strategic move for both entities. The transfer of ownership from Rietlanden’s holding company, JERA Global Markets Netherlands B.V., to Rhenus’ bidding entity, Rhenus Beteiligungen International GmbH, will occur in two phases spanning from 2023 to 2027.

Rietlanden Terminals, a major player in the transshipment of coal and other dry bulk cargo, along with logistics services, has a combined storage capacity of approximately 2.6 million tonnes. Operating across Afrikahaven and Amerikahaven in Amsterdam, the company has been a key player in facilitating the transportation of coal to power plants in Germany.

The strategic significance of this acquisition becomes apparent in light of the Port of Amsterdam’s sustainability strategy, which aims to cease coal handling by 2030. Justin Rowland, Chief Executive Officer of JERA Global Markets, expressed confidence in Rhenus’ ability to maximize the value of Rietlanden Terminals, especially beyond 2030. He emphasized JERA Global Markets’ commitment to its contracts in the ARA region and its dedication to delivering strong value in business partnerships.

Michael Appelhans, Managing Director of Rhenus Ports, welcomed Rietlanden Terminals into Rhenus’ extensive terminal network in Europe, noting the shared values between the two companies.

JERA Global Markets, a leading utility-backed seaborne energy trader, is a joint venture between JERA Co., Inc. and EDF Trading. With headquarters in Singapore and a global talent pool of over 250 professionals across strategic locations worldwide, JERA Global Markets boasts a robust business model and solid financial base.

The Rhenus Group, a logistics specialist with a global presence and an annual turnover of EUR 8.6 billion, has a workforce of 39,000 employees. Their operations encompass transport, warehousing, customs clearance, and value-added services, all with a customer-centric focus.

This transaction underscores the industry’s response to the evolving energy landscape and its commitment to sustainability. The partnership between JERA Global Markets and Rhenus holds promise for shaping the future of maritime logistics in a changing world.

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