Freight forwarder, Greenroad, were contracted recently to transport rail cargo from Kenya to Mexico, covering 10000 nautical miles for a new transportation project for the Mayan Railway.

In total, the cargoes covered 20000 CBM and included six diesel locomotives and other accessories, one of the heaviest weighing up to 138 tonnes, with dimensions of 223 X 34 X 7m. The cargoes were delivered in two shipments.

The scope of their transportation services included loading rail freight in Emali, Kenya, Port of Mombasa, Port of Manzanillo, and delivering to the K112 truck-laying base in Mexico.

“Influenced by the pandemic, it has become a continuous issue that space onboard breakbulk vessel’s is limited, leading to a rapid increase in freight rates. These problems made it difficult to deliver on time due to the urgency of the cargo by the receiver. After finding enough vessels to ship this cargo, we forwarded the cargoes from truck to vessel directly to avoid a lot of extras. It was very a closely monitored coordination from our side to ensure the success of the project move which we executed efficiently.”

Besides the ocean transportation, the land freight is also an important key. “It’s worth mentioning that the client is satisfied with our excellent road survey which almost removed all of the obstacles on the road over 485km in length, ensuring all the cargoes were loaded in the agreed time frames without interruptions. We are extraordinarily proud of what we have accomplished in the past few months. We are even prouder of our perseverance and teamwork in a hard time. We passed another new remarkable record again successfully.” Greenroad Management.

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