Marguisa Atlantic B.V. has been launched to operate Marguisa’s services between Europe and America at the Atlantic.

The company was set up as a result of discussions between United Marguisa Lines ApS (UML) and SaDi Chartering B.V. on the current and future demand of the shipping market and how they can contribute to a further improvement in the supply chain within the multipurpose sector.

The new company is headed by Managing Directors Sander Menten and Dirk de Bruin, together having more than 50 years’ experience in the various sectors of the shipping industry.

“This new brand will give us many opportunities and challenges, but we are confident that it’s an important addition to the group. In addition, UML and SaDi Chartering will continue to provide innovative and quality maritime transport solutions in a daily basis to all our clients in the Atlantic market.”

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