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Port of Bilbao Takes a Green Leap: Onshore Power Supply for Vessels at Dock A-5

The Port Authority of Bilbao is operations with the awarding of the first phase of the construction project for an onshore power supply (OPS) at Dock A-5 of the Central Breakwater. Tecuni S.A.U. clinched the contract, valued at EUR 4.7 million, covering project planning, execution, and a comprehensive maintenance service.

Electrifying Dock A-5: A Green Infrastructure Investment

The electrification of Dock A-5 is a strategic move aimed at connecting vessels to the onshore power grid, marking a significant step towards sustainable maritime practices. The EUR 4.7 million investment underscores the commitment of the Port of Bilbao to embrace environmentally friendly solutions.

Project Timeline and Comprehensive Maintenance Service

Following the contract signing, Tecuni S.A.U. has a two-month window to formulate a detailed project plan. The plan will then undergo scrutiny by Puertos del Estado / The State Ports Authority for a binding report. Once approved, the 18-month construction phase will commence. Post-completion, a three-year comprehensive maintenance service, extendable for an additional two years, will be implemented.

Reducing Emissions and Enhancing Port Efficiency

Dock A-5’s transformation involves the installation of four connection points with two 2.5 MVA Onshore Power Supply (OPS) sets. This innovative infrastructure allows vessels at berth to seamlessly connect to the port facilities’ power grid. By enabling vessels to switch off their auxiliary generators, the initiative aims to curtail the use of fossil fuels during port stays, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and vibration levels.

BilbOPS: A Green Initiative with European Support

The OPS project at Dock A-5 is part of the larger BilbOPS initiative, a comprehensive plan by the Port Authority of Bilbao to deploy 11 connection points across docks with frequent traffic, both freight and passenger. Notably, the project has received a substantial EUR 4.3 million grant from the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Green Financing: European Commission Backs BilbOPS

The ambitious BilbOPS initiative, slated for full operation by 2026, demands a total investment of EUR 51.8 million. Encouragingly, the European Commission will contribute 30% of the funds, amounting to EUR 14.2 million, under the CEF Transport 2021-2027 Programme. This financial backing exemplifies the European Union’s commitment to fostering sustainable and eco-friendly practices within its member ports.

In conclusion, the Port of Bilbao’s venture into onshore power supply at Dock A-5 is not just an infrastructure upgrade; it’s a transformative step towards greener, more efficient maritime operations. The BilbOPS initiative, bolstered by European support, positions the port as a pioneer in sustainable port management practices, setting a commendable example for ports worldwide.

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