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Port of Rotterdam Completes First Phase of Rozenburgsesluis Renovation, Launches Trial of New Mooring System

The Port of Rotterdam has successfully concluded the initial phase of the extensive renovation project for the fifty-year-old Rozenburgsesluis. This critical gateway to the Rotterdam harbor, accommodating 20,000 inland vessels annually, primarily in the tankers sector, has undergone a significant transformation. The northern side of the sluis now boasts a state-of-the-art mooring system, enhancing safety and navigation. The entire renovation initiative is anticipated to reach completion by 2026.

Advancements in Mooring Infrastructure

Measuring an impressive 305 meters in length and 24 meters in width, the Rozenburgsesluis plays a pivotal role in facilitating maritime traffic. The recently completed renovation focused on replacing the outdated mooring structure. The former mooring, constructed with Azobehout, has given way to an entirely steel framework. Additionally, the fender racks have been redesigned with a plastic coating featuring a more extensive spacing pattern, a marked improvement in sustainability. Notably, the new mooring incorporates experimental sections employing alternative materials, including bamboo, recycled Azobe, and plastic. Ongoing monitoring of these sections aims to determine the most suitable materials for future mooring construction.

Trial Run of Mooring System

The overhaul also includes a trial run of the newly implemented mooring system. The experimental sections serve as testing grounds for various materials, allowing the port authorities to assess their durability and effectiveness in real-world conditions. Bamboo and recycled Azobe, in conjunction with plastic, are under scrutiny, with the results guiding future decisions on optimal mooring construction materials.

Second Phase on the Horizon

Looking ahead, the Port of Rotterdam is set to embark on the second phase of the renovation throughout 2024. The forthcoming phase encompasses a broad scope, including the refurbishment and conservation of the twelve sluice gates, upgrades to the bridges, modernization of control systems, operation, and security measures. Furthermore, structural modifications, road adjustments, and the implementation of remote operation capabilities are integral aspects of the comprehensive renovation project.

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