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3P Logistics Delivers Stamping Press from Hamburg to Skawina

3P Logistics Industrial Projects has successfully transported a stamping press from the bustling port of Hamburg, Germany, to Skawina, Poland. This achievement showcases the efficiency and expertise of the logistics industry in handling complex and heavy cargo across borders.

Ilya Goncharov,

The stamping press, originating from China, was transported using special lowbed modular trailers, specifically the Goldhofer 8 axles + truck 4 axles configuration, tailored for heavy and oversized loads. Ilya Goncharov, the Global 3PLGROUP Project Manager for Industrial Projects, highlighted the meticulous planning involved in the project, which included a route survey, bridge assessments, as well as coordination with pilot and police escort cars to ensure a smooth journey.

The entire project involved four trucks, carrying a total of 11 packages weighing in at a staggering 97 tons. The journey spanned approximately 900 kilometers by road, presenting logistical challenges that were expertly navigated by the 3P Logistics team.


One of the standout aspects of the operation was the handling of the heaviest cargo, weighing 65 tons. With a total weight of 125 tons on the heaviest loaded truck, meticulous planning and adherence to regulatory requirements were paramount to the success of the endeavor.

The preparations for this transport endeavor spanned nearly five months, from the initial planning stages to the execution phase. Highlighting the regulatory landscape, Goncharov noted that obtaining permits for the heavy cargo in both Germany and Poland required significant time and effort, with the process taking weeks in each country. However, the successful acquisition of permits signals a positive shift, with Goncharov stating, “It took 3 weeks to get permit for 65 tons cargo in Germany and around 5 weeks for Poland. It seems that German heavy transport crisis ended”.


The significance of this delivery extends beyond the transportation itself, as the stamping press is destined to play a vital role in the production of new supplies for the automotive industry in Poland. This underscores the importance of efficient logistics in supporting industrial operations and driving economic growth.

3P Logistics expresses gratitude to all parties involved in making this ambitious project a reality, further solidifying their reputation as a reliable partner in the realm of industrial freight and cargo logistics.

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