Antonov Airlines is a world leader in moving space components by air and has completed up to three satellite-related cargo shipments each month for the last few months. Antonov Airlines in cooperation with Bollore Logistics Space has transported Turkey’s new telecommunication satellite Turksat 5B onboard one of its AN-124-100 aircraft from Toulouse, France, to Florida, USA, later launched by the US aerospace company SpaceX.
SpaceX launched the Turksat 5B satellite on December 18, from Cape Canaveral, USA on behalf of the nation of Turkey and it will be the most powerful satellite in use by Turkey that will increase communications band capacity and will serve Turkey and neighboring countries for 35 years.

The cargo weighed a total of 60 tonnes including a special container measuring 14.69 m in length, 5.45 m in width, and 4.36 m in height, designed by Airbus Defence and Space specifically for moving these types of satellites on AN-124-100 aircraft.

“An external crane in conjunction with the onboard crane and winch of the AN-124-100 was used to load and unload the container, as well as special loading equipment designed and manufactured by Antonov’s in-house engineers, said Sergii Bilozerov, Commercial Executive, Antonov Airlines.


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