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Bibby Marine to Construct World’s First Zero-Emission Electric CSOV

Bibby Marine has inked a groundbreaking shipbuilding agreement with Gondan Shipbuilders to construct the world’s premier zero-emission, electric Commissioning Service Operation Vessel (eCSOV). Set to sail from Gondan’s Asturias shipyard in Spain, the vessel is slated for delivery by 2026.

After a meticulous selection process, Gondan Shipbuilders emerged as the preferred partner for Bibby Marine, showcasing exceptional proficiency in delivering bespoke, specialized vessels within stipulated timelines and budgets. The collaborative effort between Bibby Marine and Gondan Shipbuilders promises to pioneer a new era of maritime sustainability.

Designed in collaboration with UK-based ship designers Longitude, the eCSOV will integrate cutting-edge technology, including a robust battery system and dual-fuel methanol engines, to ensure emissions-free operationewsns. The vessel will boast top-tier accommodation facilities for crew members, alongside high-voltage offshore charging amenities for rapid recharging, allowing for over 16 hours of continuous battery-powered operation.

Nigel Quinn, CEO of Bibby Marine, expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the alignment of Gondan Shipbuilders’ expertise with Bibby Marine’s clean energy vision. Quinn highlighted the vessel’s potential to revolutionize the industry’s journey towards net-zero emissions while showcasing unparalleled marine innovation.

Daniel Scavuzzo, Sales Director of Gondan Shipbuilders, echoed Quinn’s sentiments, expressing excitement about embarking on this transformative venture. The collaboration underscores Gondan Shipbuilders’ commitment to zero-emission technologies and signifies a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory towards sustainable maritime solutions.

Jonathan Lewis, CEO of Bibby Line Group, emphasized the strategic significance of investing in green technology within the marine sector. Lewis praised the dedication and expertise of Bibby Marine’s workforce, underscoring the company’s commitment to driving progress in sustainable shipping practices.

The eCSOV project aligns with the Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure (ZEVI) scheme, supported by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) and delivered by Innovate UK. As part of the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) programme, the initiative aims to develop technology essential for decarbonizing the UK’s domestic maritime sector.

This collaborative endeavor between Bibby Marine and Gondan Shipbuilders signifies a pivotal step towards a greener, more sustainable future for the maritime industry, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious vessel construction and operation.

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