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Bigroll Beaufort: Sets Sail for Ocean Wind 1 Project Milestone

The MV Bigroll Beaufort, a chartered deck carrier, has recently made its presence known in the bustling port of Rostock. This signals the commencement of the vessel’s second voyage out of a series of five, all dedicated to the transportation of monopile sections destined for the Paulsboro Marine Terminal in New Jersey. What sets this operation apart is the jaw-dropping weight of the heaviest section, a colossal 608 metric tons!

The logistics intricacies of this venture fall under the capable hands of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, a key player entrusted by Ørsted for the seamless transport of 150 monopile sections from the POL Rostock in Germany to the designated project site. As part of the comprehensive plan, additional tasks encompass engineering, design, and fabrication of grillage & seafastening.

Ocean Wind 1, the focal point of this maritime buzz, stands as an offshore wind farm boasting an impressive total capacity of 1,100 MW. Nestled on the Outer Continental Shelf off the coast of New Jersey, USA, this project is a testament to the industry’s commitment to advancing renewable energy sources.

As the MV Bigroll Beaufort charts its course through the waves, carrying the substantial cargo essential to the Ocean Wind 1 project, the entire industry eagerly awaits further updates. The magnitude of this operation, both in terms of logistics and environmental impact, positions it as one of the most significant renewable energy initiatives of the year.

The enormity of transporting a monopile section weighing over 600 metric tons underlines the technological prowess and engineering feats achieved by those involved in this groundbreaking project. It prompts reflection on the strides made in the maritime and project cargo realms, pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed possible.

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