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Bolloré Logistics Americas Takes a Green Leap: Successful Implementation of Reusable Air Covers in Airfreight Shipments

Strideing towards environmental sustainability, Bolloré Logistics Americas has successfully executed its first airfreight shipment utilizing reusable air covers, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. The initiative, a collaborative effort between Bolloré Logistics Chicago and the team at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, aims to reduce the environmental footprint associated with air shipments.

In a recent development, two pallets were transported from Paris to Chicago in February, heralding the commencement of a series of weekly rotations in partnership with two major airline companies. The innovative use of reusable air covers enabled a remarkable reduction of 12kg per pallet, underlining the practical choice made by Bolloré Logistics to minimize environmental impact.

Emilie Foray, Regional Director of Bolloré Logistics Midwest, emphasized the strategic decision to opt for reusable pallet covers over single-use packaging materials like plastic wraps. She highlighted the environmental toll of single-use materials, often contributing significantly to landfills after just one application. The adoption of reusable pallet covers not only proves to be a cost-effective solution but also aligns with a sustainable future.

REcycle: Outsourced end-to-end management of transport & logistics consumables

At the core of Bolloré Logistics’ sustainability efforts is the 4R policy – Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle. A key component of this policy is the recently launched REcycle initiative, which promotes the reuse of consumables in transport and logistics. This comprehensive program manages the entire stock and its reverse logistics in an eco-responsible manner, facilitated by a dedicated web and mobile application.

This initiative complements the range of sustainable packaging solutions already implemented in the Americas’ region for several years. These include reusable pallet wraps, straps, collapsible boxes for store deliveries, and container isothermal kits for shipments to Montreal during winter. Since 2021, these measures have collectively contributed to avoiding over 2 tons of plastic, reflecting Bolloré Logistics’ steadfast commitment to sustainable practices.

Camille Vanderghote, CSR Manager at Bolloré Logistics Americas, expressed the company’s eagerness to extend this eco-friendly initiative to other customers in the region. The organization continues to explore diverse options to limit the use of plastic film and other consumables, aligning with a broader commitment to create a greener supply chain.

In conclusion, Bolloré Logistics Americas’ pioneering step towards sustainable airfreight shipments through reusable air covers sets a benchmark for the industry. The company’s holistic approach, encompassing a range of eco-friendly measures, demonstrates its dedication to minimizing its carbon impact and promoting a greener future.

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