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GAC Norway Achieves EcoVadis Gold Standard for Sustainability

GAC Norway, a prominent player in the maritime, breakbulk, project freight, cargo, and logistics sectors, has secured the prestigious Gold standard from EcoVadis, a renowned provider of business sustainability ratings. This recognition marks a significant milestone in GAC Norway’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Upholding Sustainability Across Four Core Themes

To attain this esteemed accreditation, GAC Norway underwent a meticulous evaluation process, scrutinizing 21 sustainability criteria spread across four fundamental themes: Environment, Ethics, Labour & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement. Alysha Pedersen, Head of People & Process at GAC Norway, emphasized that the journey towards EcoVadis Gold began with a customer’s request, demonstrating the company’s responsiveness to market demands and its proactive stance on sustainability.

Driven by Customer Demand and Legislative Compliance

Pedersen revealed, “We were already considering working towards EcoVadis rating, when one of our top customers pulled the trigger to fire the starting pistol to go through the process.” This customer impetus aligned seamlessly with GAC Norway’s existing commitment to sustainability, rooted in frameworks like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and certifications such as ISO 45001 and Eco-Lighthouse.

Moreover, external factors, such as the Norwegian Transparency Act 2022, mandated companies to assess and enhance human rights and working conditions in their supply chains, further propelling GAC Norway’s sustainability agenda.

The Rigorous Evaluation Process

Securing the Gold medal from EcoVadis is no small feat. GAC Norway navigated through 47 comprehensive questions spanning the core sustainability domains, underscoring the depth of their commitment and operational excellence.

Alysha Pedersen expressed pride in the achievement, highlighting the rigorous efforts invested by the entire team. “We are very proud of our rating. We worked hard for it,” she asserted.

Setting a Gold Standard Across the Group

GAC Norway’s attainment of the Gold standard echoes the success of GAC Bunker Fuels’ Dubai operation, which secured a similar accolade in October 2023. Constantin Draghici, GAC Group’s QHSSE Manager, emphasized the broader significance of such recognition, stating, “The Gold Standard certification from EcoVadis serves as a beacon, guiding companies towards a future where sustainability, ethical business practices, and corporate responsibility are integral components of success.”

A Collective Effort Towards Sustainability

At GAC Norway, sustainability is not just a goal but a collective endeavor embraced by the entire team. Individuals like Ole Fredrik Gullstein Torpe and Terje Stenerud have played pivotal roles in steering the company towards sustainable practices, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving GAC’s sustainability initiatives.

Global Recognition and Standards

With over 85,000 companies globally rated by EcoVadis, the Gold standard awarded to GAC Norway signifies adherence to international sustainability benchmarks such as the UN Global Compact principles, ILO conventions, GRI standards, and ISO 26000. These ratings not only validate GAC Norway’s performance but also offer a roadmap for continual improvement, reaffirming its position as a leader in sustainable business practices.

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