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Bolloré Logistics Teams Up with Winddle to Enhance PO Management Offer

In the ever-evolving landscape of overseas transportation, end-to-end visibility has become a crucial factor in ensuring smooth operations. Winddle, a collaborative platform specializing in supply chain management, proudly announces its partnership with Bolloré Logistics, a major player in the international logistics and transportation sector. The goal is clear: to optimize transportation operations through integrated management of product orders and supplier collaboration.

End-to-End Product Visibility

Any participant in the international transportation sector understands the paramount importance of comprehensive visibility across the entire supply chain. The slightest disruption in information flow can significantly impact the seamless flow of operations, leading to potential delays and additional costs.

Specifically, collaborative end-to-end management of transportation operations at the purchase/sales order and product/SKU level allows shippers, suppliers, and carriers to work on a common platform. This collaboration eliminates redundant data entry, avoids document decentralization, and ensures effective coordination between the production and transportation phases. For Bolloré Logistics teams, gaining visibility into suppliers’ goods delivery forecasts enhances the ability to anticipate and secure transportation flows.

Nathalie Léger, Global VP for Beauty and Luxury Products at Bolloré Logistics, emphasizes the increasing client demand for visibility and purchase order management across all industries. She notes, “The flexibility of Winddle allows us to integrate it into Bolloré Logistics’ TMS systems and respond on a standard basis to various client SOPs.”

Integrating PO management with the transportation visibility provided by Bolloré Logistics is crucial for clients to better understand the overall performance of their supply chain. Indicators, whether for forecasts, real-time tracking of dates, costs, or environmental impact, are articulated at the product, purchase order, or sales order levels.

With Winddle, Bolloré Logistics empowers its clients to prioritize product flows efficiently in case of transport capacity constraints or quickly communicate delays to impacted stakeholders.

Successful Initial Deployment

Bolloré Logistics has already implemented the Winddle solution to manage orders for a French luxury cosmetics brand, replacing a shared PO management file. In just three months, over 80 users, including industrial logistics managers, transport managers, customs officers for the brand, and Bolloré Logistics’ implant and origin managers, have been onboarded. They collaboratively track all operations, from product handover by suppliers to final delivery, for thousands of shipments annually.

The project’s success is evident through personalized views and alerts for each user profile, automatic notifications to suppliers, centralized documents, and seamless integration with Bolloré Logistics’ systems. The client now has a reliable and collaborative tool to drive supplier performance (OTD, OTIF, etc.) and transportation performance (reduced reliance on air transport, cost optimization).

Precision in Transportation Cost Management

Following this promising first phase, Bolloré Logistics aims to further enhance its capabilities by integrating Winddle modules for automated and predictive calculation of unit approach costs, transportation costs, and invoice reconciliation. This opens up exciting prospects for continuous optimization of transportation operations.

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