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Boskalis Successfully Completes Year-Long Subsea Decommissioning Project in the North Sea

Boskalis, a prominent player in the maritime, breakbulk, project cargo, and logistics sectors, has successfully concluded a comprehensive decommissioning project in the North Sea. The extensive undertaking, spanning nearly a year, involved two of Boskalis’ impressive vessels: the construction support vessel, BOKA Southern Ocean, and the diving support vessel, BOKA Da Vinci.

Dismantling Obsolete Offshore Structures at Depths of 150 Meters

The initiative commenced with the BOKA Da Vinci taking the lead, navigating to the designated decommissioning sites in the North Sea. Here, the vessel meticulously dismantled initial sections of obsolete offshore infrastructure, gearing up for the subsequent phase of the operation. The primary objective was to prepare the heavy sections for lifting to the surface, a task that would be expertly executed at a later stage by the BOKA Southern Ocean and its robust 250-ton crane.

Impressive Results and Collaborative Success

Working on behalf of the esteemed client, Harbour Energy, Boskalis effectively removed over 22 kilometers of flowline and umbilical. This included the safe extraction of numerous heavy construction piles, manifolds, and drilling templates, varying in weight from a few tons to a substantial 160 tons. Additionally, the operation successfully cleared more than 500 concrete mattresses that had safeguarded cables and pipelines on the seabed for decades.

Boskalis expressed its pride in contributing another complex subsea decommissioning project to its illustrious track record. The company extended its gratitude to Harbour Energy for the exceptional cooperation that played a pivotal role in the project’s success.

A Testament to Expertise and Innovation


The completion of this challenging decommissioning initiative solidifies Boskalis’ standing as a leader in maritime solutions. The utilization of advanced vessels, strategic planning, and precise execution underscore the company’s commitment to excellence in construction support, diving support, and overall logistics.

As the maritime industry continues to evolve, such successful projects serve as a testament to the sector’s ability to navigate complex challenges with efficiency and skill. Boskalis’ accomplishment not only reflects its technical prowess but also highlights the collaborative spirit that drives achievements in the maritime and project cargo domains.

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