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Boskalis Unleashes Seapiper’s Success in Australian Waters

Boskalis proudly announces the successful completion of the maiden project by its new subsea rock installation vessel, the Seapiper, off the coast of northwest Australia. This significant milestone marks a remarkable leap forward in the company’s commitment to innovative maritime solutions.

The Seapiper, a testament to Boskalis’ dedication to excellence, seamlessly executed the project by deploying around 150,000 tons of rock in both shallow and deep waters, reaching depths of up to 150 meters. The versatile vessel showcased its capabilities with precision, underscoring its potential in handling complex subsea tasks.

The crew of the Seapiper deserves heartfelt congratulations for their instrumental role in achieving this feat. Their expertise and commitment have set the stage for the vessel’s future endeavors. As Boskalis looks ahead, the Seapiper is gearing up for its next assignment, where it will play a pivotal role in safeguarding subsea cables and pipelines using rock installations.

The vessel’s upcoming tasks include preparing the seabed for the installation of wind turbine foundations and protecting these foundations from erosion. This strategic deployment aligns with the broader goal of contributing to the global energy transition. Boskalis, with its cutting-edge technology embodied in the Seapiper, continues to push the boundaries of maritime and project freight capabilities.

As we applaud the success of the Seapiper’s inaugural venture, we eagerly anticipate the vessel’s continued contributions to maritime excellence. The hashtag#Boskalis family, united in its commitment to #CreatingNewHorizons, stands poised at the forefront of advancing the maritime, breakbulk, project freight, cargo, and logistics sectors.


In the realm of maritime innovation, the Seapiper’s journey is not just a vessel’s voyage but a testament to Boskalis’ dedication to shaping the future of the industry. The Australia project has not only marked a triumph for Boskalis but has also set the stage for further milestones in the exciting domain of subsea rock installation.

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