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COLI Shanghai Successfully Completes Complex Air Freight Logistics Project

COLI Shanghai, a prominent player in the logistics industry, recently accomplished a remarkable feat in collaboration with an Australian client. The project involved the intricate task of transporting approximately 200 tonnes of structural steel from Dongguan to Hong Kong International Airport, destined for a mining venture in Mali. This endeavor posed distinctive challenges, necessitating meticulous planning and execution.

The initial packing, tailored for sea transportation, proved unsuitable for air freight. Consequently, COLI Shanghai undertook the daunting task of destuffing and repacking over 2,000 pieces of steel structures onto specialized pallets designed explicitly for air transport. This meticulous attention to detail was imperative for the seamless execution of the operation.

Compounded by limited space at the supplier’s factory and adverse weather conditions in South China, including heavy rainfall, the laden pallets had to be temporarily stored in a warehouse before delivery to the airport. Protecting the pallets from moisture was paramount, as any additional weight could potentially impact the aircraft’s capacity.

To ensure adherence to German quality standards, COLI Shipping deployed a dedicated team to the supplier’s premises for the project’s duration. Working in close collaboration with all stakeholders, including the Australian partner, the team demonstrated unwavering commitment, contributing significantly to the project’s timely completion.

Acknowledgment was duly extended to the Shanghai colleagues for their exemplary dedication and on-site efforts. COLI Shanghai expresses profound gratitude to its Australian counterpart for their invaluable contribution to the project’s success.

In summary, COLI Shanghai showcased its proficiency in navigating the complexities of air freight logistics, exhibiting adaptability, coordination, and an unwavering commitment to quality standards. This successful endeavor underscores the company’s position as a leader in the industry.

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