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Expertise and Liebherr Power in a Two-Pack: Precision Crane Work at Gambsheim Rhine Lock

MSG Krandienst GmbH, in collaboration with Liebherr cranes, successfully completed the intricate task of reinstalling a refurbished lock gate at the Gambsheim Rhine lock in France. This feat, accomplished amidst ongoing renovation efforts, underscores the fusion of technical proficiency and advanced equipment in the maritime and logistics sector.

The refurbished lock gate, weighing an imposing 84 tonnes, posed a formidable challenge due to the constraints of a confined working area and substantial minimum distances between the cranes and the lock basin. Christian Spreuer, overseeing project planning for large crane operations at MSG, highlighted the spatial limitations as a central concern in executing this intricate operation.

Over a span of nearly four years, the comprehensive renovation of the 50-year-old weir, featuring two massive chambers, necessitated meticulous lifting and installation processes for the lock gates. The lock, a vital conduit for approximately 100 vessels daily, demands meticulous maintenance to sustain the flow of maritime traffic along the Upper Rhine.

The assembly work at Gambsheim Rhine lock epitomized precision, with the Liebherr cranes operating in tandem to maneuver the colossal gate within the confines of limited space. The deployment of two auxiliary cranes facilitated the initial positioning of the gate, followed by intricate maneuvers executed by the larger Liebherr machines. Klaus Himmelsbach and Ralf Göltzer, operating the cranes, demonstrated exceptional skill and concentration in orchestrating the seamless transfer of the gate.

Central to the success of this operation was the utilization of advanced technology, exemplified by the LICCON work planner. Christian Spreuer lauded the efficacy of this tool in facilitating meticulous planning by providing precise load capacity values, underscoring its indispensability in complex crane operations.

The culmination of this endeavor elicited praise from Julie Wolf, overseeing the renovation efforts for Altrad-Endel, emphasizing the flawless execution of the project. As the refurbishment of the lock progresses until 2026, MSG Krandienst GmbH remains poised to deploy its expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for future phases of the undertaking.

The collaborative effort between MSG Krandienst GmbH and Liebherr underscores a commitment to excellence in maritime infrastructure projects. With a fleet comprising cutting-edge machinery, including the flagship LTM 1750-9.1, MSG Krandienst GmbH continues to exemplify leadership in crane operations and project logistics, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

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