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deugro Triumphs with Seamless Heavy Lift for Major FPSO Project in China

deugro,an expert in logistics and project cargo, has successfully orchestrated the movement of a colossal 392-metric-ton CO2 removal system for a major FPSO project in China. This achievement marks another milestone in deugro’s legacy of handling intricate logistics challenges in the energy sector.

The journey commenced in Rizhao, China, culminating at the COSCO Shipyard Qidong, China. The intricate transportation involved a 10-kilometer inland road journey and a two-day barge journey. Upon reaching the port, the cargo underwent a seamless roll-on operation from dockside to barge, meticulously lashed and secured for its onward ocean journey to Brazil.

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To surmount the complexities posed by such oversized cargo, deugro leveraged cutting-edge Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) with 36-axle lines. Maneuvering through a myriad of challenges, including six turns, lifted traffic lights, and removed toll station gates, these transporters ensured the secure pre-carriage of the CO2 removal system, showcasing deugro’s commitment to precision and innovation.

Ahead of the operation, the deugro execution team conducted thorough route surveys and method statements, leaving no room for uncertainties. A marine warranty surveyor was present throughout, ensuring compliance with stringent safety requirements and mitigating potential risks.

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Roman Lorenzen, Branch Manager at deugro, Malaysia, emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration between deugro’s Malaysia and China offices. He stated, “Our teams worked in close coordination, conducting extensive route surveys and crafting comprehensive method statements. We left nothing to chance, ensuring that every aspect of this intricate operation was well thought out and accounted for.”

Qu Peng, Head of Area North China, deugro: “Confronting challenging weather head-on, deugro’s
execution team navigated dynamic tidal windows at the wharf, requiring precise timing during the
cargo roll-on operation. They tracked tidal patterns, optimizing their actions for favourable time slots.
Furthermore, adverse windy weather conditions introduced an additional layer of complexity to the
operation. To tackle this challenge, deugro’s execution team implemented supplementary safety
measures and conducted meticulous checks on every lashing and se curing element to fortify the
cargo. This demonstrated the team’s resilience and resourcefulness, highlighting deugro’s
unwavering commitment to their mission. Additionally, I would like to highlight the special contribution
of Gauss Yan who was closely monitoring the whole process of this complex project, further
emphasizing deugro’s strong dedication to project success.”

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In the world of logistics and project cargo, deugro’s seamlessly delivering this heavy lift reinforces its reputation for precision, innovation, and commitment to client success.

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