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Van Oord’s Heavy-Lift Vessel, Svanen, Set for Major Upgrade

Van Oord’s heavy-lift installation vessel, Svanen, is slated for a major upgrade. The standout enhancement is the extension of the gantry crane by an impressive 25 meters, positioning the Svanen among the largest heavy-lift installation vessels globally.

Gantry Crane Extension: A Game-Changer

The 1200-tonne gantry crane extension, a focal point of the upgrade, will be executed by Holland Shipyards and installed using Mammoet’s towering 200-meter crane. This modification is a crucial step in preparing the vessel to handle the next generation of monopile foundations for offshore wind projects.

Comprehensive Upgrade Program

Beyond the gantry extension, the upgrade program encompasses a series of improvements. Notably, lifting hooks will undergo an upgrade, elevating the lifting capacity from 3000 tonnes to an impressive 4500 tonnes. Additionally, the gripper will be enhanced to handle increased loads, and structural upgrades will accommodate the latest hammer size. These modifications will be carried out at various locations in the Netherlands, primarily in the Rotterdam area. The upgraded Svanen is anticipated to be operational in the third quarter of 2024.

Managing Director Offshore Wind, Emphasizes Global Need

Arnoud Kuis, Managing Director Offshore Wind, highlighted the global demand for renewable energy as a driving force behind these upgrades. He stated, “Because of the global need for renewable energy, wind farm technology is rapidly advancing, and turbines are getting larger. The upgrade of the Svanen prepares us for this increase in scale and allows us to maintain our leadership position in the offshore wind industry.”

First Project: Baltic Power Offshore Wind Farm

The first project slated for the upgraded Svanen is the Baltic Power offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. Featuring new-generation wind turbines with a generating capacity of 15MW, the Svanen’s enhancements will enable the installation of foundations for these turbines. The vessel’s high lifting height, substantial lifting capacity, and low draught make it well-suited for operations in the Baltic Sea, where it has already played a crucial role in various projects.

Svanen’s Diverse Roles

Despite its prominence in the offshore wind sector, the Svanen has a diverse history. Originally designed for bridge construction, the vessel underwent modifications in 2005 to align with the emerging Dutch offshore wind market. Since then, it has installed over 700 monopiles and 223 transition pieces, adapting to evolving industry demands. Notably, this isn’t the first major upgrade for the Svanen; it underwent significant enhancements in 2017. Van Oord’s commitment to sustainability is evident, as the upgrades leverage the vessel’s original construction and machinery, reducing waste and emissions.

In conclusion, Van Oord’s strategic upgrade of the Svanen underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of the offshore wind industry. As the demand for renewable energy continues to surge globally, these enhancements position the Svanen as a key player in facilitating the installation of larger and more advanced wind turbines.

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