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DHL Expands Ground-Handling Operations: Secures EasyJet Contract for Liverpool Airport

DHL Supply Chain, a global logistics leader, has sealed a new five-year deal with easyJet, strengthening their partnership in the aviation sector. The agreement expands their collaboration beyond London Gatwick, Bristol, and Manchester airports, with DHL now set to manage ground-handling operations at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

This strategic move builds upon the foundation laid in 2017 when DHL initially took charge of ground-handling services at London Gatwick. The renewed contract for Bristol and Manchester airports extends until 2029, demonstrating the success and satisfaction derived from their partnership since its inception in 2020.

Scope of Operations

Under the new contract, DHL will spearhead crucial customer service and logistics operations at Liverpool Airport. This includes managing check-in procedures, bag-drop services, baggage logistics, gate operations, aircraft loading, dispatch, and pushback maneuvers. The extension of services solidifies DHL’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and reliable ground-handling solutions.

Embracing Sustainability with Electric Equipment

In a forward-looking move, DHL aims to introduce electric equipment at Liverpool Airport as part of their commitment to sustainability. By September 2024, the goal is to transition to a 90% electric fleet. The inclusion of electric steps, belts, and pushback tugs aligns with DHL’s broader GoGreen sustainability strategy, emphasizing a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Investing in Workforce Development

Acknowledging the shift towards electric equipment, DHL plans to provide specialized training for the ground-handling team at Liverpool Airport. This initiative is part of a broader program focused on upskilling colleagues, ensuring a seamless transition to the more sustainable and technologically advanced practices set to be implemented.

Extended Partnership and Service Offerings

Beyond ground-handling operations, DHL and easyJet have extended their collaboration to include cabin cleaning services at Gatwick and Manchester airports. The sustained partnership highlights DHL’s continuous innovation and commitment to supporting easyJet’s goal of delivering a reliable and efficient service to its customers.

Shared Enthusiasm for Expansion

David Johnson, Vice President, Aviation & Travel, DHL Supply Chain, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The past seven years have seen our partnership with easyJet develop significantly, and we are both proud and excited to see it expanding into a fourth major UK airport.” Valerie Geramon, Head of Group Operations Delivery at easyJet, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We are delighted to be expanding our partnership at Liverpool John Lennon Airport to continue enhancing our customers’ experience.”

As DHL and easyJet further solidify their partnership, this expansion into Liverpool Airport showcases their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and providing top-notch services to the aviation industry.

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