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ERHARDT Projects Expands Global Footprint with New Houston Office

In a move to bolster its international presence, ERHARDT Projects has reveals its latest venture with the inauguration of ERHARDT Projects USA, marking its official entry into the American market. The Houston-based office is poised to cater to the burgeoning needs of clients in the Energy Sector, solidifying ERHARDT’s position as a key player in the global Clean Energy landscape.

Alberto Rodriguez Sigüenza, at the helm of ERHARDT Projects USA, emphasizes that the establishment of the company is not just an initiation but a perfect continuation of the impactful work carried out in the past years. With projects spanning across 22 American states, Rodriguez Sigüenza attributes their success to on-site coordination by dedicated Project Managers, earning the trust of clients and suppliers and establishing a prominent standing in Project Cargo within the American Energy Sector.

Igor Muñiz, the CEO of ERHARDT Projects, underscores the significance of the new USA office in navigating the evolving landscape of Project Cargo logistics. He states, “Our USA office allows us to be present in one of the key sectors for Project Cargo logistics in the coming years. It also gives us the opportunity to play an important role in the logistical challenges that our clients are facing due to the transition that the Energy Sector is going through.”

Muñiz further highlights the strategic timing of their establishment in the USA, citing it as a means to address the escalating demand in the Power Grid market. Leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience amassed over the years, ERHARDT Projects aims to contribute significantly to the logistical demands of the Power Grid sector, in addition to showcasing its prowess in Oil & Gas and Renewables.

In conclusion, Muñiz affirms, “Our establishment in the USA at this time will allow us to support the growing demand of the Power Grid market, through our knowledge and experience acquired all these years ago, as well as adding our capabilities in Oil & Gas and Renewables.”

This move positions ERHARDT Projects as a dynamic player ready to meet the evolving demands of the American Energy Sector, promising tailored solutions and services across the entire logistics chain.

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