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Hanwha Ocean Celebrates Milestone with Successful Launch of Wind Maker

Hanwha Ocean celebrated a significant milestone with the successful launch of the Wind Maker, a new Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) ordered by Cadeler Inc. This vessel, designed by Gusto MSC with an NG-16000X model, features a 2,600-ton Leg Encircling Crane from Huisman Equipment B.V. of the Netherlands. The Jack-up vessel is built to install turbines with capacities of up to 20 megawatts at water depths of up to 65 meters and can operate using either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or ammonia as alternative fuels.

The successful launch of the Wind Maker underscores Hanwha Ocean’s capability to tackle challenging projects and achieve remarkable milestones in the maritime industry. This achievement was made possible through the hard work, dedication, and teamwork of the entire Hanwha Ocean crew.

The Wind Maker’s launch at the Hanwha Ocean shipyard stands as a testament to the collective effort and dedication of everyone involved. Special thanks go to Cadeler’s CEO, Mr. Mikkel Gleerup, and the entire site team, including Project Manager Mr. Mauro Gargiulo, for their exemplary collaboration and partnership throughout the project.

The collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment of the Hanwha Ocean team, supported by Mr. Philippe Levy, CEO of Offshore Business at Hanwha Ocean, played a crucial role in reaching this significant milestone. Mr. Levy has expressed confidence in delivering the Wind Maker to Cadeler on schedule, fueled by the passion and dedication of the Hanwha Ocean team.

This milestone not only highlights Hanwha Ocean’s engineering prowess but also marks a step forward in the renewable energy sector, contributing to the global effort of increasing clean energy production. The Wind Maker, with its state-of-the-art design and capability to handle massive wind turbines, is set to play a pivotal role in advancing offshore wind energy projects.

In an era where renewable energy is becoming increasingly crucial, the Wind Maker represents a significant advancement. Its ability to operate with eco-friendly fuels like LNG and ammonia aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices. This launch is not just a win for Hanwha Ocean and Cadeler Inc., but also a positive step towards a greener future.

The journey to this point has been one of hard work, innovation, and collaboration. The entire Hanwha Ocean crew’s dedication to the project, from initial design to the final launch, exemplifies the kind of commitment necessary to drive progress in the maritime industry.

As the Wind Maker prepares for its role in the installation of massive wind turbines, the maritime and renewable energy sectors look forward to the positive impact it will bring.

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