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Hydrogen Medal Awarded to Ellen Ruhotas for Green Hydrogen Innovation

Port of Amsterdam, Ellen Ruhotas, the visionary mind behind Zenith Energy Terminals Europe, was honored with the prestigious Hydrogen Medal. Bestowed upon her by Mr. Han Feenstra, a key figure in the National Hydrogen Program and a senior policy official at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, this recognition highlights Ruhotas’ outstanding contributions to the development of an innovative green hydrogen chain.

Ruhotas, through her charismatic and enthusiastic leadership, has emerged as a leading advocate for the Dutch hydrogen landscape, specifically focusing on Amsterdam. Her efforts have not only been contagious but have also fostered collaboration across the entire hydrogen import chain. Establishing partnerships with countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Germany, Ruhotas has played a pivotal role in positioning Amsterdam at the forefront of the global hydrogen corridors.

Central to Ruhotas’ innovative approach is the acceleration of liquid hydrogen as a viable means of transportation. Her relentless pursuit of positioning Amsterdam as a central hub in the global hydrogen corridors is driven by a commitment to the Dutch interest. In collaboration with various partners, Ruhotas aims to make the vision of the Netherlands as a hydrogen hub a tangible reality.

Green Hydrogen Corridor: A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, the projected demand for hydrogen in the Netherlands is anticipated to surpass the domestic production of green hydrogen. Recognizing this, the import of green hydrogen will play a crucial role in meeting the escalating demand. Port of Amsterdam is strategically focusing on non-ammonia vectors, specifically Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) and liquid hydrogen (LH2). The overarching goal is to establish a 100% green value chain, with the active participation of partners and companies within the port.

Zenith Energy Terminals, as the operator of a prominent energy storage and distribution facility in the Port of Amsterdam, is integral to realizing this ambitious goal. The company is diligently working on developing its own liquid hydrogen import, storage, distribution, and regasification facility in Amsterdam. This facility is poised to provide international hydrogen producers with seamless access to both Dutch and European hydrogen markets.

In conclusion, Ellen Ruhotas’ Hydrogen Medal is not just a personal accolade but a testament to the collaborative efforts shaping the future of hydrogen in the Netherlands and beyond. As the green hydrogen corridor gains momentum, the recognition of key individuals like Ruhotas is crucial in propelling sustainable innovations forward.

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