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LASO Executes Mega-Operation at Gardunha II Wind Park

LASO, a prominent player in maritime, breakbulk, project freight, cargo, and logistics, embarks on a mega-operation to transport 60 wind components for the construction of five towers at the Gardunha II Wind Park in Castelo Branco. This operation, spanning the entire month, showcases LASO’s expertise in handling complex logistics.

The components, sourced from various points across the Iberian Peninsula, are slated for the erection of these wind towers. Given their substantial dimensions, LASO anticipates a total of 60 journeys, navigating through intricate routes to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of each component.

Facing the challenging access points of the Gardunha II Wind Park, LASO has strategically established transshipment zones. These zones facilitate the transfer of loads onto axle lines and Blade Lifters, allowing the transport to maneuver through villages and the winding mountain roads. This intricate operation necessitated meticulous preparations, including the removal of signage, tree pruning, and the creation of specific transshipment areas, as outlined in the official statement by the specialized carrier.

“Due to the challenging accesses to the Gardunha Wind Park, transshipment zones were created for longer transports to transfer loads onto axle lines and Blade Lifters. This enables the transportation through village interiors and the winding mountain roads. The operation required several pre-interventions, such as signage removal, tree pruning, and the establishment of specific transshipment zones,” stated LASO in its communication.

LASO diligently plans its routes based on the equipment’s characteristics, and these are communicated in advance to the Castelo Branco Municipal Council. This proactive approach ensures that the local population is informed, alleviating potential disruptions caused by the transport. The wind components, including tubes and other elements, navigate through the national roads N112 and N238, while the wind blades follow a route encompassing N3, N233, N112, and N238.

This mega-operation not only highlights LASO’s capability in handling intricate logistics but also emphasizes the critical role of logistics in the renewable energy sector. As the demand for sustainable energy solutions grows, such operations become integral to the successful implementation of renewable projects.

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