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Laying Plans: A Glimpse into the Future of Cable Laying Vessels

With the surge in offshore wind farm projects, the demand for cable laying vessels is set to escalate in the foreseeable future. Damen Shipyards Group, a seasoned player in the maritime industry, is strategically positioning itself to meet this growing demand by envisioning the next generation of cable laying vessels.

Decade of Evolution

Damen’s foray into cable laying began approximately twelve years ago with the introduction of the Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC). This innovative vessel amalgamated the functionalities of a tug and pontoon into a single, efficient unit, thereby revolutionizing offshore transportation. Subsequently, Damen unveiled two notable cable laying vessels, Van Oord’s Nexus and Maersk Supply Services’ Maersk Connector, solidifying its presence in the sector.

Forward Thinking

As the offshore wind segment undergoes significant transformations, Damen is actively engaged in conceptualizing solutions tailored to support the ongoing energy transition. Rolf Sluman, DOC Product Specialist and Naval Architect at Damen, acknowledges the burgeoning opportunities in the market while highlighting the accompanying challenges, such as the transition from conventional AC cables to high-power DC cables, necessitating enhanced cable storage capabilities onboard.

Adaptive Solutions

Damen envisions a new breed of cable laying vessels characterized by adaptability and versatility. The proposed concept comprises three breadth versions, each offering multiple length variations to accommodate varying cable payloads. Emphasizing flexibility, the vessels will feature provisions for both AC and DC cables, with options for double carousels and multiple cable cores.

Sustainable Innovation

Aligned with its commitment to sustainability, Damen aims to integrate emissions-reducing technologies into its upcoming cable layers. Leveraging its expertise in greening maritime solutions, Damen plans to incorporate an extended hybrid system and hybrid battery packages, thus reducing environmental impact without compromising performance.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond vessel construction, Damen has evolved into a comprehensive solutions provider, offering a spectrum of support services throughout the vessel’s lifecycle. From initial client consultations to financing and maintenance, Damen ensures a seamless experience for its clientele. Moreover, Damen’s recent projects exemplify its expanded scope, encompassing turnkey solutions with fully integrated mission equipment.

Vision for Collaboration

Damen’s approach emphasizes collaboration and client-centric design. By engaging closely with co-makers, suppliers, and clients, Damen aims to develop cable laying vessels that align closely with market demands and future requirements. This collaborative ethos, combined with Damen’s global presence and construction capabilities, positions the company as a formidable player in the evolving landscape of cable laying vessels.

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