Image: HSM Offshore

In a remarkable stride towards a greener future, Shell has unveiled a groundbreaking process aimed at transforming plastic waste into new, usable plastics. The innovation lies in a solvent extraction method that purifies pyrolysis oil, rendering it more compatible with existing production procedures. This pivotal advancement underscores Shell’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while maximizing resource efficiency.

A key facilitator in this eco-conscious endeavor is the Pre-Assembled Unit (PAU), meticulously engineered in Schiedam. This ingenious module allows for off-site installation and interconnection of substantial process equipment in Moerdijk. By significantly curtailing on-site activities in Moerdijk, this approach not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes operational disruption.

Image: HSM Offshore
Image: HSM Offshore

The pivotal project, commissioned by Shell Chemie BV and executed by HSM Offshore Energy BV in Schiedam, saw HSM spearheading the steel procurement and module fabrication. Recently culminated, the project showcased a momentous milestone as the Mammoet Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) skillfully maneuvered the colossal unit. It was then hoisted by two sheerleg floating cranes, courtesy of Bonn & Mees, onto a pontoon managed by Koninklijke Van der Wees Transporten, heralding its journey to Moerdijk.

Module Specifications:

  • Height: 18m
  • Width: 9m
  • Length: 19m
  • Weight: 273 tons

This ambitious project not only underscores Shell’s commitment to innovation but also highlights the collaborative efforts of industry players like HSM Offshore Energy BV, Mammoet, Bonn & Mees, and Koninklijke Van der Wees Transporten. As the momentum for sustainable practices gains steam, these endeavors emerge as crucial steps towards a more eco-responsible industrial landscape.

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