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Minister Demir Gives Green Light to Project ONE

Minister Demir has granted the much-awaited environmental permit for Project ONE, marking a pivotal moment for INEOS and the entire Flanders region. This decision not only brings clarity to INEOS Olefins Belgium employees and subcontractors but also sparks hope for other companies in Flanders with similar projects.

Sustainable Vision Unveiled

INEOS, committed to promoting local chemical production in Europe, views Project ONE as a cornerstone of renewal. The project, located in Antwerp, adheres to the strictest environmental regulations, contributing to the sustainability of the chemical cluster in Flanders. The proposed ethane cracker stands out as the most sustainable in Europe, emitting carbon emissions three times lower than the average and less than half of the best-performing plants, thanks to cutting-edge techniques and energy efficiency.

Overcoming Challenges and Reinforcing Commitment

After the Council for Permit Disputes annulled the initial permit in July 2023, INEOS responded with diligence, addressing the council’s comments with a thorough 800-page assessment. The Minister’s recent decision reinstates the environmental permit, providing relief to the global workforce involved in Project ONE’s preparations and the various companies contributing to the plant’s construction in Antwerp.

Strategic Alignment with European Commission’s Goals

Project ONE aligns seamlessly with the European Commission’s goals of strategic autonomy, sustainability, and competitiveness. INEOS believes that embracing these objectives is key to the future, and Project ONE could spark a renaissance in European industry. This project, a significant investment of over four billion euros, is the largest grassroot investment in the European chemical industry in two decades, contributing to Europe’s strategic autonomy at the beginning of the value chain.

CEO’s Perspective

John McNally, CEO of INEOS Project ONE, expressed gratitude for Minister Demir’s decision, emphasizing the project’s role in anchoring the local processing of essential building blocks like ethylene. McNally sees Project ONE as contributing to the resilience and sustainability of Europe’s industrial foundations and positioning Flanders and the Port of Antwerp in making European industry more sustainable.

About Project ONE

Project ONE, an investment exceeding four billion euros, aims to construct an ethane cracker in the Antwerp chemical sector. Set to begin operations by the end of 2026, the project will not only create 450 direct jobs but also thousands of indirect jobs, reinforcing the Port of Antwerp’s position as Europe’s largest chemical cluster.

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