Tschudi Logistics Norway will expand its area of business to provide solutions for project transports, like the rest of the Tschudi Logistics group. Stig Rich Pedersen will be head of the new Project Cargo Department.

Just on the outskirts of Oslo in Norway, in Furuset, the Tschudi Logistics’ office is located. The office currently employs a tightly knitted team, that works intensively with the import of alcohol to Norway. The business has been striving for many years, but as an effect of the market developments Christian Klemmetsen, who is the Managing Director, now believes it is time to further expand the services:

Our main area of business here in Oslo is currently import of alcohol. However, we also work closely, on a daily basis, with our colleagues from the other Tschudi Logistics offices. Our teams collaborate on various tasks related to all kinds of logistical projects; we especially assist in relation to solving large project transports worldwide. This means that we are in tune with the industry. The plan to expand the service portfolio here in Norway has been long underway, and postponed due to Covid-19, but now the market opportunities seem to be fitting.” Says Christian Klemmetsen.

A new colleague will drive the Project Cargo department

Stig Rich Pedersen will be the front figure for the Norwegian Project Cargo Department. With his many years of experience in the industry, Stig is the perfect fit for establishing the new department. Stig draws on a diversified range of competencies from the Project Cargo industry, including chartering and ship agency.

“I have worked intensively with large projects for the past 16 years. I look forward to developing the business here in Norway, and I am sure that there will be plenty of tasks for us to solve. I believe the setup of collaborating offices across borders and Tschudi sister companies form a strong underlying basis for us to build from.” Stig Pedersen says.

The project cargo adventure will commence today, Monday 2nd of August 2021 as Stig will have his first day in office.

“We are looking very much forward to welcoming Stig to our team, and we have great expectations for the future.” Christian Klemmetsen concludes.

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