This week the PFN – Project Freight Net, Project Freight Forwarders network held its annual meeting in Amsterdam.opening-presentation1

All members were present and for the inauguration meeting at the Royal Industrial Club in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A 2 day event that had been packed with opportunities and positive future outlook for the group of companies that are a member of PFN. All participants had to agree that the quality of the members is very high and this is what makes networking so good. Many new connection have been made and in some cases there new projects started between members.

PFN is the “Network Revolution” and it doesn’t stay with just networking. The group has been presented with the new level strategy which will elevate the entire network to whole new heights. It will open up new business which wasn’t there before and which could not be obtained. The opportunity is exclusive to the members and will be driven for and by the members. For now the plan will stay within the group until the nest steps have been taken en we are ready to bring the plans into the open.

As a network PFN will continue to provide the industry with news and training programs which have been successful and very appreciated by the shippers. At the same time the network will continue to grow at its own pace. This year so far they have been able to get 21 members (9 months running) and the goal is still to get close to 30 members in its first year. The network has til now declined about 48 companies due to lack of quality, expertise and know how. PFN has always said that it stands for quality and that it is not looking to be the largest network, but the best network. Actually according to its members, PFN is the only network that is actually spending a lot of efforts and investment to add business for its members.


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