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RoliProjects Successfully Transports 365,000-Pound Boiler from Korea to Western Canada

Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada, in collaboration with RoliProjects, recently orchestrated the seamless transport of a 365,000-pound boiler from Korea to Western Canada. The logistics involved in moving such heavy cargo are often complex, requiring meticulous planning and innovative thinking.

Thinking Outside the Box: Choosing Umatilla, Oregon as the Gateway

Breaking away from traditional routes, the team decided to roll the massive boiler off a flat-deck barge at the inland port of Umatilla, Oregon. This unconventional decision was driven by the desire to optimize the journey and reduce the overall distance travelled. By doing so, the team successfully slashed the route from the initial 2100 miles to a more efficient 600 miles, originating from Houston.

The decision to choose Umatilla as the entry point into the North American continent showcased a commitment to efficiency and resourcefulness. This strategic choice not only shortened the transportation route but also highlighted the importance of exploring unconventional entry points to streamline the movement of oversized cargo.


RoliProjects: Navigating Challenges with Expertise

Executing the transport of a 365,000-pound boiler involves overcoming numerous challenges, from weight distribution to navigating through various terrains. RoliProjects, with its extensive experience in maritime logistics, demonstrated a keen understanding of these challenges. The success of this operation is a testament to their expertise in handling oversized and heavy cargo.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: A Greener Approach to Superload Transportation

Beyond the logistical innovations, the decision to reroute the superload also aligns with a greener approach to transportation. By significantly reducing the distance travelled, the operation contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions associated with long-haul transportation. This environmentally conscious choice reflects the growing emphasis on sustainability within the logistics and transportation industry.

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