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Strategic Marine Introduces Industry-First Hybrid Crewboats to Thailand with Truth Maritime Services

Strategic Marine, a renowned aluminum boat builder, has ventured into the burgeoning Thai crew boat market with its latest innovation – the Gen 4 Fast Crew Boats (FCBs). These cutting-edge vessels, delivered to Truth Maritime Services (TMS), mark a significant milestone in the evolution of offshore crew transfer operations.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Efficiency and Passenger Comfort

TMS, a prominent offshore services provider, recently expanded its fleet by acquiring two Gen 4 FCBs from Strategic Marine. These vessels boast advanced features aimed at revolutionizing crew transfer operations. With business class seating for 70 passengers, the vessels prioritize passenger comfort without compromising on efficiency. The integration of hybrid power technology further enhances fuel efficiency, making them a sustainable choice for maritime operations.

Meeting Market Demands and Beyond

The introduction of the Gen 4 FCBs underscores Strategic Marine’s commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the maritime industry. As the offshore sector continues to grow, there is a rising need for vessels that offer superior performance, efficiency, and safety. These latest deliveries not only cater to current market needs but also set new benchmarks for future innovations in crew boat design.

Expanding Fleet to Seize Opportunities

TMS, renowned for its expertise in crew boat operations, recognizes the strategic importance of expanding its fleet. With a current fleet of 13 crew boats, TMS plays a pivotal role in supporting offshore petroleum exploration and production activities in Southeast Asia. The addition of the Gen 4 FCBs further strengthens TMS’s position in the market, allowing them to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the region.

Pioneering Hybrid Technology for Sustainability

Strategic Marine’s collaboration with Southerly Designs has led to the development of vessels equipped with innovative hybrid technology. The incorporation of a hybrid power system, coupled with energy-saving solutions, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. This eco-friendly approach underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainable maritime practices.

Industry Recognition and Future Prospects

The launch of the Gen 4 FCBs in the Thai market has garnered praise from industry leaders. Khun Bowon Vongsinudom, Chairman of Prima Marine Group, expressed confidence in the new hybrid crew boats, highlighting their potential to meet client expectations. Strategic Marine’s CEO, Mr. Chan Eng Yew, emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative designs that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Driving Efficiency and Safety

With optimized passenger layouts and enhanced stability features, the Gen 4 FCBs offer a seamless transfer experience for offshore workers. The inclusion of a motion-compensated gangway and gyro-stabilizer ensures safe and smooth operations, even in challenging weather conditions.

In conclusion, Strategic Marine’s introduction of the Gen 4 Fast Crew Boats represents a significant advancement in maritime technology. By combining efficiency, sustainability, and passenger comfort, these vessels are poised to reshape the future of crew transfer operations in the Southeast Asian market.

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