ONE Ships Precious Breakbulk to Taiwan

Ocean Network Express (ONE), the container line, recently shipped more yachts from Italy to Taiwan. The lifting operation of the yachts was performed at the La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT)."The cargo

Eemslift Hendrika Back in the Water

The Starclass Yacht Transport chartered vessel MV Eemslift Hendrika is officially back in yacht transport. She started her first voyage by loading boats and yachts in Norway and then went

Sevenstar Yacht Transport Busy Down Under

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is currently chartering Spliefthoff's MV Pottersgracht in order to ship and deliver a large number of yachts from the Mediterranean to Australia. After discharging a number of yachts

ONE Picks Up Yachts

This month, Ocean Network Express (ONE) combined the loading of two luxury Princess motor yachts with container cargo onboard the MOL Experience for Complete Marine Freight. Now that ONE is offering

Starclass Yacht Transport Moving On

Starclass Yacht Transport are back moving yachts around the globe. This week, their MV Eemslift Nelli was spotted during her transit from Gibraltar to Rotterdam. Last weekend Eemslift Nelli loaded yachts

Wagenborg Ships Yachts

Royal Wagenborg's MV Adriaticborg is seen here loading yachts in the Mediterranean for the Far East. Wagenborg is a specialist in shipping bulk dry cargo and breakbulk, and sometimes they ship