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Thömen Triumph: Liebherr LR 1800-1.0 Crafts Railway Bridges in Berlin

Thömen Schwertransport und Krantechnik GmbH successfully utilized the Liebherr LR 1800-1.0 crawler crane to erect two railway bridges in Berlin’s Neukölln district. The project, commissioned by Deutsche Bahn to enhance the rail network in Berlin and Brandenburg, showcased the capabilities of both Thömen and the cutting-edge Liebherr equipment.

Dino Wachsbaum, the crane operator, expressed his delight in maneuvering the 800-tonne giant through the confined spaces. The Liebherr BTT-E wireless remote control played a pivotal role, simplifying the setup and dismantling process in the restricted working area.

Challenging Conditions Overcome

The project, initiated in May 2023, involved lifting bridges over Niemetzstraße. Jens Hoffmeister, Thömen’s operations manager, highlighted the logistical complexity due to limited space and absence of storage facilities for crane parts. However, meticulous planning allowed the team to seamlessly execute the assembly directly from the lorry to the crane.

Liebherr LR 1800-1.0: A Marvel of Engineering

The LR 1800-1.0, renowned for its worldwide transportability, boasts a powerful design with a three-meter transport width and a maximum weight of 45 tonnes. The LICCON2 control system and the BTT-E remote control enable remote operation, enhancing efficiency and monitoring during assembly.

Precision in Action

The first bridge, weighing 125 tonnes, was expertly lifted into place with a maximum radius of 25 meters during a night-time S-Bahn closure. The second bridge, with a load of 160 tonnes and a radius of 21 meters, was installed while the suburban railway was in operation. Wachsbaum praised the LR 1800-1.0’s performance, stating, “The operation went smoothly. I’m delighted with the LR 1800-1.0. In general, I’m very satisfied with the overall Liebherr package.”

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