ALE is optimizing offshore wind project costs by designing a unique new modular transport frame specialized in carrying transition pieces (TPs) within marshaling ports. 

Designed in-house by their award-winning R&D team in Breda, the Netherlands, the new Transition Piece Carrier has been developed as a more cost-effective alternative of transporting the TPs rather than using cranes to handle them.

Overall project efficiency is delivered as the system can move within limited spaces, which optimizes storage, operates at higher wind speeds and is not limited to the TPs’ diameters or weights. What’s more, as additional steel frames are not required, it enables the TPs to be simply positioned onto the current concrete blocks – which are readily available and are a more cost-effective storage option.

Furthermore, as the TPs are increasingly growing in size and weight, the carrier is ideal as it can transport TPs weighing in excess of 600t and is flexible enough to transport TPs with different base designs.

“This is a highly beneficial solution that aids project efficiency and cost reduction, with optimized working conditions that will be compatible with the ever-changing design of TPs to future-proof our offering in the sector,” explained Technical Sales Manager Tomas Villarino.

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