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Mammoet,Tunnel Section Successfully Installed Emissions-Free with Battery Power in Belgium

Mammoet, a global leader in heavy lifting and transport, successfully installed an 850-ton concrete tunnel section beneath railway lines in Belgium, utilizing battery power for a zero-emission operation. The project, initiated by STADSBADER CONTRACTORS, showcased Mammoet’s commitment to lowering the carbon impact of civil projects while minimizing disruption.

Innovative Approach to Skidding

What initially appeared as a routine skidding operation transformed into a unique opportunity for Mammoet to demonstrate its capability to reduce carbon emissions in civil projects. The company seamlessly integrated battery-powered technology with existing skidding equipment, ensuring the environmentally friendly completion of the task.

Precision Planning and Execution

The project demanded meticulous calculations and implementation to lift and skid the massive 850-ton tunnel section, measuring 25m x 8.5m, across 40 meters beneath a railway track near Brussels. Despite the complexity, Mammoet engineers utilized specialized tunnel adaptors, hydraulic jacks, and a skidding system to move the concrete structure with minimal disruption to train services.

Zero Emission Power Pack


The electric powerpack, or Mobile Power Unit, played a pivotal role in this emission-free operation. Powered by recycled batteries with a maximum capacity of 50kWh, the unit is not only sustainable but also transferable to remote locations. The battery can be charged using solar energy, further enhancing the eco-friendliness of Mammoet’s operations.

Safety and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

The success of this all-electric tunnel skidding process exemplifies Mammoet’s commitment to making heavy lifting safer and more sustainable. The operation significantly reduced on-site noise levels, contributing to improved on-site safety and minimal environmental impact.

Pascal Eeken, Manager Improvement and Innovation at Mammoet Europe, emphasized, “We have demonstrated that through innovative engineering and combining new and existing technology, we have the ability to execute zero-emission heavy lift projects for our customers – and that’s the future.”

Setting a New Standard

This pioneering operation sets a new industry standard for executing heavy lifting projects using specialist equipment for jacking and skidding in a safer, sustainable, and eco-friendly manner. Mammoet’s strategic shift towards zero-emission electricity not only benefits their customers but also supports global efforts for more sustainable development.

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