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Allseas to Transport and Install Major Substations for Gennaker Offshore Wind Farm

Allseas, has clinched a significant contract for the transport and installation (T&I) of two pivotal substations for the Gennaker offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea. This milestone project, developed by transmission operator 50Hertz, marks a significant stride in Europe’s renewable energy landscape.

Situated 15 kilometres off the German coast near the Darß peninsula, the Gennaker wind farm boasts a formidable production capacity of 900 MW, poised to emerge as the largest and most potent offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea region.

Secured through the Dutch-Belgian HSI consortium comprising HSM Offshore Energy, Smulders, and Iv, the contract encompasses the delivery of the Gennaker West (OSS-DarB) and East (OSS-Zingst) converter platforms, complete with the requisite supporting suction bucket jackets. The HSI Joint Venture bears the responsibility for the seamless delivery of these two critical platforms.

Allseas will leverage its state-of-the-art heavy lift vessel, Pioneering Spirit, for this ambitious endeavor. The vessel’s unparalleled transport and lift capabilities will facilitate the installation of suction bucket jackets and the sizable 61-meter-long, 34-meter-wide topsides in a single offshore campaign. This streamlined approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates safety standards, ensuring a swifter installation process.

The acquisition of this prestigious contract further solidifies Allseas’ position as a frontrunner in offshore wind installation projects. With Pioneering Spirit at the forefront, the company is poised to deliver essential assets crucial for driving forward offshore energy initiatives and wind developments across the European continent.

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