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MSC Collaborates with GSBN to Trial Integrated Safe Transportation Certification Verification Process, Boosting Safety of Lithium Battery Shipments

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) announced its collaboration with the Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) to trial an integrated safe transportation certification verification process aimed at enhancing the safety of lithium battery shipments. This partnership, unveiled during the SMDG’s 78th CDC and Plenary Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, signifies a proactive approach by MSC to address the growing concerns surrounding the transportation of lithium-ion batteries on container ships.

The proliferation of lithium-ion batteries in container shipments has raised alarms within the shipping industry due to the associated risks, particularly the threat of fire incidents resulting from misdeclarations. In response to this challenge, MSC has integrated its lithium battery shipment booking process with GSBN’s data infrastructure. GSBN, a neutral, not-for-profit consortium, provides a blockchain network facilitating paperless and secure data exchange within the global trade ecosystem.

Through this collaboration, MSC gains access to China’s leading testing laboratories and certification providers, including SICIT and Pony Testing, via GSBN’s platform. Following rigorous testing, immutable safe transportation certificates are generated by these laboratories and shared directly over the blockchain network. This streamlined process enhances transparency, reduces the reliance on paper-based documentation, and mitigates risks associated with certificate verification, such as loss, mislabelling, and fraud.

Bertrand Chen, CEO of GSBN, highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to support sustainability efforts and elevate shipping safety standards. The collaboration aims to extend its reach to encompass a broader range of certificates and expand the network of laboratories globally to ensure comprehensive coverage for carriers.

Dirk Van de Velde, Chief Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Officer at MSC, emphasized the benefits of the collaboration in offering customers a seamless booking experience while prioritizing the safe transportation of cargo, particularly those requiring special handling such as lithium-ion batteries. MSC acknowledges the pivotal role played by GSBN’s blockchain network and its access to top testing facilities in China, a key exporter of goods containing lithium-ion batteries.

This initiative underscores MSC’s commitment to innovation and safety in maritime transportation. The company is actively exploring opportunities to further engage with GSBN and contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance the safe transportation certification process through blockchain technology. This collaboration builds upon MSC’s previous partnerships with industry peers such as COSCO Shipping and OOCL, demonstrating collective efforts towards advancing safety standards in the shipping sector.

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