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Van Oord Secures Major Contract for Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm in Poland

In a significant development for the renewable energy sector, Van Oord, a renowned maritime contractor, has clinched a substantial contract for the construction of the Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm. This ambitious project is a collaborative effort between Ørsted and PGE, situated 40 kilometres offshore in the Baltic Sea, within the Polish jurisdiction.

Driving Renewable Energy Growth

The core of Van Oord’s responsibility in this venture involves the transportation and installation of 111 extended monopiles. Out of this impressive number, 107 monopiles will serve as robust foundations for wind turbines, while the remaining four will support the infrastructure of offshore substations. The cumulative production capacity of the Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm is a staggering 1.5 GW, making it Poland’s largest-ever renewable energy initiative. The green energy generated is projected to cover the power consumption needs of approximately 2.4 million Polish households.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Vessel Upgrades

Van Oord will leverage its offshore installation prowess through the deployment of the Aeolus and Svanen vessels. Particularly noteworthy is the major upgrade planned for the Svanen vessel, involving an extension of its gantry crane. This enhancement positions the Svanen as one of the largest floating heavy-lift installation vessels globally, significantly boosting its lifting capacity. The upgrade equips the Svanen to efficiently install foundations for the state-of-the-art 14 MW wind turbines designated for the Baltica 2 project.

Innovative Foundation Design for Efficiency

The foundations chosen for the Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm are extended monopiles, a novel design amalgamating the conventional monopile and transition piece into a singular element. This innovative approach aims to streamline offshore installation processes, enhancing safety and efficiency. By consolidating lifting activities offshore, the extended monopiles promise a faster and more secure installation.

Precision in Rock Installation

Ensuring precision in the placement of foundations, Van Oord will deploy its flexible fallpipe vessel, Nordnes. This vessel is specialized in accurately and efficiently installing rock at all foundation locations, contributing to the overall stability and resilience of the offshore wind farm.

In conclusion, Van Oord’s contract for the Baltica 2 Offshore Wind Farm underscores the company’s pivotal role in advancing renewable energy infrastructure. The innovative solutions employed in foundation design, coupled with vessel upgrades, exemplify the commitment to efficiency and sustainability in offshore projects. As Poland embraces this colossal renewable energy endeavor, the collaboration between Van Oord, Ørsted, and PGE marks a significant milestone in the global shift towards cleaner and greener power sources.

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