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Bolloré Logistics Successfully Transports Massive Drilling Rig from Argentina to Mongolia

Bolloré Logistics Chile has achieved a remarkable milestone in the realm of international logistics, showcasing its prowess by flawlessly transporting a colossal mobile drilling rig from Argentina to Mongolia. The operation, executed in late August of the preceding year, involved navigating through the intricate logistics of moving a drilling rig spanning 650 cubic meters and comprising five hefty parts, with an astounding combined weight of 118 tonnes.

This logistical odyssey began in Argentina and traversed through Chile, China, and ultimately reached its destination in Mongolia. The sheer dimensions and weight of the mobile drilling rig posed a formidable challenge, necessitating meticulous coordination and collaboration among Bolloré Logistics offices in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China.

The logistics team orchestrated a door-to-door solution, ensuring a seamless journey for the mobile drilling rig, devoid of disruptions or complications. Special trailers were employed to transport the rig through the roads of Chile, followed by a sea voyage from Lirquen to Qingdao in China. From there, the rig continued its journey via four trucks to its final stop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

An additional layer of security was implemented through the utilization of port machinery storage services. This safeguarded the rig throughout the process, ensuring that each piece remained secure and intact until the final handover.

Jorge Anacona, the Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Chile, expressed gratitude to the teams involved, stating, “This project is a prime example of our industry’s capability to overcome extraordinary logistical challenges. Our capability to provide door-to-door solutions shows our expertise in managing large-scale logistics projects.”

Bolloré Logistics, a global leader in transport and international logistics, operates in 146 countries with a network of 83 partners and 15,000 professionals. In Chile, the company, which commenced operations in 1990, offers integrated logistics solutions across various vertical markets, including aerospace, retail, hi-tech, telecoms, mining, industrial projects, and energy.

This successful transportation of the mobile drilling rig underscores Bolloré Logistics’ commitment to tackling complex challenges and highlights its ability to deliver comprehensive solutions in the field of large-scale logistics projects.

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