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Bolloré Logistics transports one of the largest mechanical art installations in the world

As part of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Bolloré Logistics North China successfully transported from France one of the largest mechanical art installations in the world: Longma or The Spirit of the Dragon Horse. On June 30, the art installation debuted at Wulin Square in Hangzhou, where audiences gathered to witness the impressive performance of this fire-breathing dragon horse.

Longma or The Spirit of the Dragon Horse is a large-scale art installation created and funded by the Winland Creative Foundation, with the support of the Chinese President Xi Jinping and former French President François Hollande, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations. Representing a perfect fusion of art, craftsmanship, and scientific technology, the dragon-horse installation symbolizes the friendship and cultural exchange between the people of China and France.

It was imagined, designed, and manufactured by more than 100 French and Chinese artists and engineers, in collaboration with La Machine, a French street theatre and production company.

Bolloré Logistics North China was responsible for the end-to-end transportation of the artwork, which consists of a dragon’s head and a horse’s body. With a length of 18 meters, width of 5 meters, and reaching a height of 12 meters when on its hind legs, it weighs approximately 50 tons.

This installation is extremely long, tall, and wide, it is also highly valuable. It is indeed made from durable Accoya, a very high-quality wood and is equipped with state-of-the-art automation control systems and electronic devices. With complex road conditions, Bolloré Logistics had to draw up a very precise transport plan and in particular the installation of a low-floor transport vehicle specially designed to the dimensions of the work.

Sun Hongbo, Managing Director at Bolloré Logistics North China said, “Longma is a symbolic piece of artwork signifying the history and friendship between China and France. Bolloré Logistics is honored to provide this transportation service to celebrate the Hangzhou Asian Games. We are proud to be a part of this momentous occasion by leveraging our expertise delivering high-quality transportation solutions for our client.”

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