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Boskalis Breaks Records in Deep-Sea Excavation and Installation at 600 Meters

Boskalis, the global leader in dredging and maritime services, has successfully completed a record-breaking deep-sea excavation at a depth of 600 meters off the coast of Dampier in northwest Australia. This remarkable feat marks a significant milestone in Boskalis’ expertise, showcasing their commitment to pushing boundaries in maritime and project freight operations.

BOKA Tiamat: A Marvel at 600-Meter Depth

The star of this deep-sea endeavor is the BOKA Tiamat, a vessel equipped with cutting-edge technology tailored for the task at hand. Boskalis deployed a specially developed grab attached to the BOKA Tiamat, supported by a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Together, they successfully executed excavation works at the continental slope—a steep zone where the seabed transitions from the continental shelf to the deep sea.

Unprecedented Challenges Overcome

This operation, reaching depths never ventured before by Boskalis, proves the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in maritime services. The successful completion of excavation at 600 meters sets a new standard in the industry, showcasing Boskalis’ ability to overcome unprecedented challenges in deep-sea environments.

Pipeline Preparation: Matrices at 1,000 Meters Depth

Not resting on their laurels, Boskalis swiftly moved on to their next deep-sea assignment with the BOKA Tiamat. This involved the installation of ten 17-ton concrete mattresses at an astonishing depth of 1,000 meters, all supported by an ROV. These concrete mattresses serve as a crucial foundation, creating a secure path for a future pipeline to traverse existing infrastructure on the seabed.

Expanding Boskalis’ Impressive Capabilities

With this unparalleled deep-sea excavation and installation operation, Boskalis adds another feather to its cap of remarkable capabilities. The successful execution of tasks at such extreme depths demonstrates Boskalis’ commitment to advancing maritime engineering and project freight logistics.

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