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Boskalis Concludes First Phase of Marine Transport Project for Offshore Wind Farm in France

Boskalis has successfully completed the initial leg of a substantial marine transport project for the Eoliennes en Mer Iles d’Yeu et de Noirmoutier project, commissioned by LEMS. The Dutch maritime giant accomplished this feat with the arrival of its semi-submersible heavy transport vessel, Black Marlin, at the port of La Rochelle in France.

The Black Marlin undertook the crucial task of ferrying eleven monopiles, weighing between 600 and 800 tons each, which are destined to serve as foundations for wind turbines in the forthcoming offshore wind farm off the French coast. This endeavor marks a pivotal step towards enhancing France’s renewable energy infrastructure.

Following the unloading of the first eleven monopiles in La Rochelle, the Black Marlin is poised to embark on a return journey to Asia. Its next mission involves transporting another eleven monopiles, reaffirming Boskalis’ commitment to facilitating sustainable energy initiatives globally.

The efficiency of the transport operation was further optimized by the strategic installation of casings on the aft deck of the Black Marlin’s starboard side. This meticulous planning and execution enabled the vessel to accommodate an additional monopile, maximizing its capacity to contribute to the project’s success.


The comprehensive transport project encompasses four distinct voyages for Boskalis, signifying the company’s extensive involvement in bolstering renewable energy infrastructure. Alongside the Black Marlin, Boskalis’ Blue Marlin has been deployed to fulfill this ambitious undertaking. Benefiting from a wider deck owing to previous modifications, the Blue Marlin is primed to undertake two voyages to La Rochelle, further streamlining the transportation process.

As both vessels set sail towards their designated destinations, Boskalis extends its best wishes to the dedicated crews of the Black Marlin and Blue Marlin, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to executing complex maritime projects with precision and excellence.

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