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Collett & Sons Navigates Complex Transformer Delivery in Ireland

The energy sector’s appetite for transformers is keeping project logistics and heavy transport companies on their toes, and Collett & Sons is no exception. Recently, they undertook a challenging project in collaboration with Wagenborg, involving the transportation of a hefty 184-tonne transformer from Dublin Port to its ultimate destination at Corduff Substation in Ireland.

The task at hand was not merely about moving the massive cargo; Collett’s responsibilities encompassed a comprehensive array of critical tasks. These included meticulous route surveys, strategic transport logistics, as well as the intricate processes of offloading and final positioning. The colossal transformer measured an impressive 9.3 meters in length, 3.6 meters in width, and 4.6 meters in height. When loaded onto the vehicle, it extended the total length to an astounding 65.4 meters.

Collett’s Projects Department left no stone unturned, ensuring the delivery went off without a hitch. They conducted an exhaustive swept path analysis report, a detailed street furniture removal report, and secured all the necessary permits for an alternative route to sidestep motorway restrictions.

Prior to the transformer’s arrival at Dublin Port, Collett swung into action, mobilizing their 550-tonne capacity girder frame trailer and heavy-duty tractor units. These heavyweights were transported from the UK to Ireland in preparation for the operation. Once the vessel arrived at Dublin Port from Rotterdam, Collett took the reins, deftly navigating Wagenborg’s 22-axle trailer, carrying the transformer, to a designated transshipment area. Here, with precision and expertise, the cargo was gently lowered onto stools using the trailer’s hydraulic suspension.

With finesse, Collett then constructed the girder bridge trailer around the transformer, enabling them to self-load the cargo. The transformer was then carefully moved to a storage area, where it awaited its final leg of the journey.

The delivery itself was a night-time affair, meticulously planned to wind its way through the bustling heart of Dublin City Centre. Covering a distance of 13.4 miles, the journey spanned four hours, with the vehicle gliding along at a maximum speed of a mere 5 miles per hour. The procession was flanked by police escorts and Collett’s in-house pilot cars, ensuring the safety of the colossal 65.4-meter-long load on its way to the substation site.

Upon arrival at Corduff Substation, a fresh set of challenges awaited Collett. Overhanging cables loomed, necessitating a delicate adjustment. The trailer’s suspension was lowered, allowing it to glide safely beneath the cables. Once at the bund area, the transformer was self-offloaded onto the skid track and deftly skated 16 meters onto its final plinth.

The grand finale was orchestrated with the precision of a symphony. Hydraulic jacks came into play, gracefully lowering the transformer onto the plinth. Specialized positioning plates then danced the transformer into its designated position. This remarkable display of engineering and logistical prowess underscores Collett & Sons’ mastery in handling oversized and intricate cargo deliveries.

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