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Fridenson Group Delivers Massive ODC Columns to Saipem’s New Ammonia Plant Project

Image: Roy Bar

Fridenson Group in Israel has successfully completed the delivery of three oversized and overweight (ODC) columns from South Korea to Saipem Group’s cutting-edge New Ammonia plant. This ambitious project underscores the prowess of Israeli maritime and project cargo specialists on the global stage.

The centerpiece of this colossal endeavor was the transportation of a towering 57-meter column weighing a staggering 125 tons. This monumental piece of cargo posed significant challenges that required meticulous planning, state-of-the-art equipment, and unwavering determination.

Fridenson’s recent achievement in transporting colossal columns with hydraulic axles and turntables was a logistical marvel. The operation involved 15 police cars, 30 officers, technical teams, and backup vehicles, all executed over two nights. Safety was paramount, limiting the speed to 20 km/h. The result: a safe and impressive delivery to Saipem.

Meeting the Challenge Head-On

Transporting such massive ODC columns over 150km is no small task. It necessitates a seamless coordination of efforts, from engineering solutions for secure stowage to precise route planning that takes into account various road conditions.

Fridenson Group’s expertise shone through as they meticulously navigated this logistical puzzle, ensuring the safe and timely arrival of these critical components at the New Ammonia plant. Their commitment to excellence in project cargo and logistics has once again been validated.


A Testimony to Logistics Excellence

The successful completion of this project highlights the expertise and dedication of Fridenson Group, showcasing their ability to handle even the most challenging maritime transport assignments. It also underscores Israel’s growing prominence in the global maritime and logistics industry.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of this momentous project,” said Zack Avneya, Project Dep. Manager for Fridenson Group. “This achievement reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in project logistics.”

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