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Shell Ventures Joins Value Group in Accelerating Maritime Decarbonisation

Sustainability leader, Value Group, comprising Value Maritime and Value Carbon, has exciting news to share. Shell Ventures has become a significant investor in Value Group, propelling their efforts to advance carbon capture utilization and storage within the maritime industry.

Value Maritime stands at the forefront as a developer and provider of cutting-edge hybrid CO2 capture and exhaust gas cleaning systems, known as the Filtree. This technology is available for shipowners and operators on a lease basis, enabling them to actively reduce their emissions.

Shell Ventures, the venture capital arm of energy giant Shell, specializes in supporting companies at various stages of development, from early startups to mature enterprises. Their focus is clear: fostering the growth of technologies and business models that combat emissions and accelerate the global transition to cleaner energy.

Value Maritime’s Filtree System has been in action since 2017, assisting multiple shipowners and operators in slashing their emissions. This remarkable system not only cleanses ships’ exhaust emissions of sulphur, ultra-fine particulate matter, and CO2 but also tackles oil residue and particulate matter in washing water. The result? A double win – lower CO2 emissions and reduced seawater acidification.

One of Filtree’s standout features is its integrated carbon capture capability. Ships can now store the CO2 they capture in dedicated fixed tanks or non-fixed battery containers. This collected CO2 can be offloaded sustainably in port for reuse or stored elsewhere.

Building upon this success, Value Maritime recently unveiled a sister company, Value Carbon, broadening their role from carbon capture to the complete carbon utilization and/or storage process.

With Shell Ventures now in the picture, Value Group is set to turbocharge its strategy across the maritime value chain. Their plans include expanding CO2 off-take opportunities and exploring global monetization prospects. The collaboration between Value Group and Shell Ventures emphasizes the need for strong partnerships among companies, governments, customers, and industries to unleash the full potential of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) in reducing maritime emissions.

Maarten Lodewijks, Co-Founder and Director of Value Group, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are very excited with this new development. Shell Ventures will support us in many ways that will help our strategy moving forward and contribute to our development. The participation of Shell Ventures serves as confirmation that we are on the right path.”

Robert Linck, Chief Investment Officer of Shell Ventures, highlighted the significance of this investment, saying, “Value Group’s promising solution is one of the first on the market that provides the maritime industry with a viable solution for carbon capture today.”

Value Group aims to play a pivotal role in decarbonizing shipping and industry, leveraging the expertise of Value Maritime and Value Carbon. With a commitment to sustainability, they strive to reduce the environmental footprint of shipping and promote overall sustainability in the maritime sector.

In the ever-challenging journey to decarbonize the shipping industry, the partnership between Value Group and Shell Ventures is a beacon of hope, steering the industry toward a greener and more sustainable future.

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