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Maersk Announces Demerger of Svitzer: Towage and Marine Services Set to Chart Independent Course

Global shipping titan Maersk has made headlines with its recent announcement regarding the demerger and separate listing of its towage and marine services arm, Svitzer.

The decision, ratified by Maersk’s board of directors, entails divesting Svitzer through a demerger, where shares in Svitzer and its subsidiaries, along with associated assets and liabilities, will be transferred to a new legal entity named Svitzer Group A/S.

This move aligns with Maersk’s strategic imperative to streamline operations and sharpen its focus on integrated logistics, as articulated in a statement by the company.

Svitzer, with its roots tracing back to 1833, stands as a formidable force in global towage and marine services. Its indispensable role in ensuring safe passage for vessels in and out of bustling ports and terminals is underscored by the staggering statistic that a ship relies on Svitzer’s expertise every three to four minutes. From cargo and container ships to tankers and car carriers, Svitzer’s fleet maneuvers vessels for the crucial first and last miles of their voyages.

With a fleet exceeding 450 vessels and a presence in over 140 ports and 40 terminals across 37 countries, Svitzer commands a significant share of the global towage market.

In preparation for its forthcoming listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen, Svitzer has made strategic personnel appointments, including Christian Lintner as Head of Treasury and Michael Nass Nielsen as Head of Investor Relations and Financial Planning & Analysis.

Furthermore, Svitzer has released a prospectus laying the groundwork for the trading and official listing of shares of Svitzer Group A/S on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Transitioning from more than four decades under Maersk’s umbrella to charting an independent trajectory may seem daunting to some. However, senior Svitzer executives, including Lise Demant and CEO Kasper Nilaus, emphasize the pivotal role of Svitzer’s dedicated workforce in shaping its future success.

Demant underscores the significance of skilled and passionate personnel in the towage industry, highlighting the invaluable contribution of Svitzer’s workforce. Nilaus echoes this sentiment, affirming Svitzer’s organizational, financial, and operational readiness for its forthcoming journey as a standalone entity.

As Svitzer prepares to embark on this new chapter, the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in towage and marine services remains steadfast.

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