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Mammoet Australia Implements Hands-Free Lifting to Enhance Workplace Safety

Mammoet Australia, a division in engineered heavy lifting and transport solutions, has introduced Hands-Free Lifting across its operations to elevate workplace safety standards. This innovative work practice is designed to mitigate the risk of hand and finger injuries associated with the handling of suspended loads and tensioned equipment, ensuring both safety and efficiency in operations.

Traditionally, the manual handling of suspended loads has presented significant safety challenges, with workers at risk of injuries and potential errors. Hands-Free Lifting revolutionizes these practices by minimizing direct contact with suspended loads through the use of taglines and push-pull sticks of various designs and lengths. These tools enable workers to adjust load position and orientation without hands-on manipulation, thereby maintaining a safe distance from potential hazards.

The versatility of push/pull sticks allows for remote retrieval of taglines, eliminating the need for workers to enter hazardous drop zones. This adaptability makes Hands-Free Lifting suitable for diverse industries and lifting scenarios, ensuring a safer working environment across Mammoet Australia’s operations.


Implementation of this safety initiative commenced in early 2023 at Mammoet’s facilities and project sites in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Since then, it has been integrated as a standard practice across all Mammoet Australia operations, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to safety excellence.

Ryan Binedell, SHEQ Manager at Mammoet Australia, emphasized the proactive approach towards safety enhancement, stating, “It is our priority to advance industry safety standards. While hands-free lifting tools are not novel, their consistent utilization is pivotal for mitigating risks effectively. By prioritizing elimination and substitution as primary hazard management measures, we integrate hands-free lifting into all relevant tasks from the outset, thereby enhancing planning and mitigating potential risks through a systematic approach.”

The adoption of Hands-Free Lifting empowers Mammoet Australia’s employees to prioritize essential tasks while upholding stringent safety protocols, ultimately minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall productivity.

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